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“ARTcollectors'” is a Monthly Japanese Art Magazine.We introduce how to buy and enjoy artworks in Japan and asia and the world for all world collectors showing the prices and auction results.You can find not only Japanese artists and dealers, but auction sales, museums etc from every single genre such as Contemporaries, Modern and Antiques. We also have reports/articles on Worldwide art scenes, particularly in Asia.


Publish:Every 25th
Distribution and Language : Japan
Price:1,000JPY(including tax)


Publish by: Seikatsu no Tomo Co.
HP:    E-mail:

T: +81(0)3-3564-6900
Seikatsu no tomo Co. Gin Yu-Bld.4F 1-13-12,Ginza,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan

  • 株式会社 生活の友社
  • 〒104-0061
  • 東京都中央区銀座1-13-12 銀友ビル4F
  • Tel. 03-3564-6900
  • Fax. 03-3564-6901
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