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Exhibition by Yoshitomo Nara “A Bit Like You And Me…”


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A Bunch of Bronze Statues Shown for the First Time

A solo exhibition by Yoshitomo NARA was hold in Yokohama Museum of Art. He is well-known with his cute little girls with sharp eyes. His works are loved by various types of people in the world; his drawing of a girl was used as the image of an anti-nuclear power plants demonstration. The solo exhibition at Yokohama Museum of Art is the second time since 2001. All but one works are the new. In particular, a bunch of bronze statues in the first room is shown for the first time. This exhibition in Yokohama, by the way, is already closed; the same exhibition is currently held at Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto. All the photos here are taken at Yokohama Museum of Art.

「A Pilgrim at Night」




Rough Sketches

Space built as his workshop

Girls seem to be grown a bit?

Drawings on boards instead of canvas

Paintings in the last room. The one on the left is undone.

The latest work called “Julian”

“Little Prince” done when Nara was 19 years old

“Doggie with Ducktail” exhibited at the cafe

Here is a video that shows Nara working on his works on YouTube.

(by ymajiumedia)

You can see what he has done and how he creates works after getting out the exhibition space.

A special shop has his original goods such as postcards and stuffed dolls.


Date: Jan 26th to April 14th, 2013
Place: Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto
Presented by Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Art and Culture Promotion Foundation, Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, and TV-Kumamoto

Date: July 14th to September 23rd, 2012 *CLOSED*
Place: Yokohama Museum of Art

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