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Artprice Announced A Study of Art Market 2012


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Artprice announced a study of art market in 2012 on March 8th. This is the first report that Artprice and Art Market Monitor of Artron (AMMA) worked together since they announced their official partnership in February. This report was divided into two parts in order to provide a culturally fair report meeting demands of those who is interested in world art market. The first part describes analysis of western art market by Artprice, and the last half is about analysis of Chinese art market by AMMA. The report is in French, English and Chinese. 

Artprice leads prices of artworks in the world art market, who has a database of more than 27 million data of over 500 thousand artists and auction results.

AMMA is a research center who analyze Chinese art market and belongs to Chinese Artron Group.

They announced their official partnership on Feb 26th, 2013.

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